Yann DevorsineYann Devorsine


This blog will show, in a chaotic way, a few things I’ve been working on over the years. I hope they will be of interest!


I became a stonemason at the age of 18 through the study of Historical Monument Restoration. After working for several years on French cathedrals and churches, I became disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm which I saw in the companies entitled to work on such beautiful and sacred projects. As a result, I shifted my emphasis slightly in the field and began the study of carving in Paris, so I could become more independent.


I grew up in a yellow-gold limestone region of the Dordogne, France with castles and prehistoric caves everywhere.  I would spend hours trailing behind the farmer’s plough looking for stone age flint tools, or searching the woods and cliffs for cave paintings. Later, I turned my curiosity towards the treasures of other cultures which led me to the closed kingdom of Bhutan where I lived for 6 years with my wife and daughter.  It was there that I became captivated by the beauty of Tibetan Buddhist art and iconography. I trained myself mainly on granite boulders, river stones and mountain rocks – anything which appealed to me –  as it was impossible to find cut blocks of stone.


I am now back in France with 17 years of working with stone behind me, hoping to bring all I have seen and learnt in my travels throughout Asia,  into my work.



Hung at Bumdrak



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